Friday, November 20, 2009

Music - Music Makers

Music Makers
I am kinda of cheating this week.  All these are paintings.  I have a a big deadline on a book, but could not resist adding my views on music.  A language everyone understands.  The first two paintings are of my husband, a musician.  The first title...Banjo Blues.  The second painting...Guitar Man a portrait of my favorite person in my favorite color.  The third painting...Gedd.  Just a friend that enjoys playing music also.  I could do a whole gallery of music makers.  I have painted them for years and will continue.  They are always around the house.(smile) 


  1. These are most beautiful! You captured the essence of each musician. I love your use of color.

  2. I really love the first of these paintings it feels really moody, I can almost hear the notes being plucked on a still dark night.