Friday, December 24, 2010


The word winter brings a lot of memories and thoughts to mind.  
I grew up in the Missouri, so I enjoyed plenty of winter.
Snow men, snow fights, snow forts.  All great memories,
but I was a child.  I did not have to wash all the mittens, 
coats, wet socks that comes with winter and snow. Now I live in 
southern Louisiana, where there is colder weather, 
but not a true winter. 
A couple of years ago a strange thing happened down here
we got 6 inches of snow in Baton Rouge, now that is strange.  
Thankfully it melted by the next day. (Phew)  
I had enough after about two hours.
BUT...the children around my neighborhood had the time of thier lives.
They had never experienced snow.  This illustration was inspired
by a friends photo of her little boy enjoying his first 
experience with snow.  There is a wonder to winter, 
especially if a person has never played in the snow...

I am just glad it doesn't come too often down here.
By the way Merry Christmas!

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