Sunday, August 19, 2012

Painting with Kandinsky

This is one of my classes that was part of my Painting with the Masters series this summer.

My cute friend working on her Kandinsky Painting.
First I had the students create a grid.  Then inside each square draw three to four circles working from small to large.

 Then the students started with the smallest circle filling with color, mixing colors as they went.  The students ranged in age from five to thirteen.  I thought this would keep them busy.  Well we all know that children love to mix colors.  They were done way faster than I planned.  ha ha ...joke  on me.  We played art games for the rest of the class.  

A detail of one of my youngest students.  I love the freedom of brush strokes he had.  That is what inspires me so with children art.  Their ability to paint with no inhibitions.

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