Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Yellow Brick Road

Off to Oz
This labor day I painted an 8ft by 8ft mural of the yellow brick road to Oz.
Why?  Actually it was a commission. A friend of mine is a carpenter and he built a showcase for a ladies collection of dolls.  Some of which are the Wizard of Oz characters.  So this will go in the back of the display.  Pretty neat huh?  
To be honest, some times when I start a project I think, I can't do this. This project actually only took me two day.  I blocked in large masses of color like the green for the grass, pink for the flowers, gray for the rocks, yellow for the road..etc. etc. Then I started painting details.  It was fun to see it come together.  Way faster than I thought it would.  

Now back to work...on a  much smaller scale.  Today I am painting illustrations.

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