Sunday, September 9, 2012


This is what I am asking myself.  I have illustrated several books.  Six books in fact.  All of which have a whimsical sort of style to them.  I am now working on a project, and what do you know,  the style is more realistic.  I sometimes questions why? I actually do not know.  You say, your the artist make it how you want.  That is true, but sometimes no matter what we want some projects insist of being painted a certain way.  I wonder is it my attitude toward the story?  I am not sure. The painting above is a character in a project I am working on titled...Why Dogs Are.  I think it is a beautiful painting, but I am interested in the fact that the paintings are much more realistic.  Some thoughts on that matter.  
1. As an artist realism comes easy to me. 
Am I reverting back to what is comfortable?
2. I actually strive as a artist to paint looser and less realistic.  
Hmmm....didn't achieve that here.
3. Will I change it?
At this point no.  Still thinking about it.

Someone recently told me that to have a great idea you create several, then you reach beyond what is comfortable.  Then and there you get a good idea.  
So in my head I wonder is whimsical comfortable since that is what I have illustrated all my other books in, or is this comfortable because it comes easy?  

Any input is appreciated.  Leave me a comment.
It really isn't good if you ask the questions and answer them. ha!


  1. I think it takes a very talented artist to be able to paint all styles like you can! I can only paint one way and don't think I could ever do portraits like you can! I wish I had a small portion of your talent

  2. Thank you Leigh Ann, I know why I miss seeing you. You always helped put things into perspective.