Tuesday, April 21, 2009


At the moment pulling up the gigantic sweet potato seemed an impossibility.

Lucky this worked so well as I am pushing a deadline for a couple of projects.(smile)

This is a double page spread out of the next book from Dianne and I. I am currently working on Madame Poule and Monsieur Roach, a New Orleans folk tale. Yesterday I had that great feeling of reaching into the P.O. Box and getting that big yellow envelope that says contract! Yea!!
So...coming some time next year will be "The Gigantic Sweet Potato"


  1. Very cool! I really like your technique!

  2. Great picture! I love your style!

  3. Very nice,love your style and your colours!

  4. Wonderful illustration and great storytelling through the scene. This gives me fond childhood memories of reading 'The Enormous Turnip' (which has Russian origins I think...)

  5. This is definitely my favorite this week. I just love the gestural movement you captured. What a great story and then the painterly style. It's rockin'!

  6. Thanks all, It is great to get feedback. Sometimes the studio gets very lonely, plus I like to hear it from those that do what I do.