Friday, May 1, 2009


Flower Garden Hierarchy flower...many flowers...equal flower garden.
The gardener is the top of the Hierarchy.

So... what is cool about this picture. It is one part of four. It is 4'x8' itself.

This is a collaboration mural between myself and the third grade class at Freshwater Elementary in Denham Springs, Louisiana.
The order...1st, I work in the classroom with the students drawing. This mural we studied O Keefe. Each student creates four landscape. I teach basic art elements and drawing techniques as we draw these pictures.
2nd, I take all the drawings home to my studio and pick one drawing from each student. This class had a total of about 80 students...(4 separate classes)
3rd, I design the mural and create a scaled color rendering of the mural
4th, grid the rendering, and reproduce it on the mural

5th, students each paint with me 30 minutes on their particular part

6th, I finish any parts that are not finished and usually do the background.
I add something of my own to each mural. This one it is the background landscape. The flowers, bugs, butterfly's, etc. were all drawn by the students. The other three parts are below.

Pretty amazing when you think about it...I am really careful to reproduce their drawings exactly like they do...color and all...We finished this mural today...Loved that it fit with IF.(smile) This mural is the 9th or 10th one I have done in a school. The total size 4'tall...32' long. This mural will hang outdoors in a garden that the students planted. It is very established and lovely.


  1. Oh, I would have loved an art teacher like you. That is absolutely spectacular! I'm in awe! And so perfect for the IF prompt.