Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A is for Alligator

     This is my newest book.  I co-authored this book with Dianne de Las Casas.  This is a book for teachers, parents, and even children.  It is a "how to draw book".  So, what makes it cool?  In each exercise I start with  a letter of the alphabet and create a animal out of each letter. The part I worked the hardest on  is making sure the letters disapear when the drawing is complete.  It is fun to have other students, parents, or friends try to guess what the letter was( the animal name matches, so that not to hard) and where it is in the drawing.  
     There is a story to go with each drawing. (Teachers this is really fun for your students.) As you tell the story you draw the next step.  Dianne is responsible for this part and it is quite impressive.  Why?  Usually an illustrator gets the manuscript(or the words) for a story and draws the picture.  In this book Dianne and I picked out the animals, then I created all the steps, and then she wrote the stories from the steps. It was the opposite, she had to write her stories to go along with the steps. They are very fun stories.  In my mind that is really cool!
      I created a book mark to showcases one of the stories.  It is above.  Because of space issues on the book mark I had to shorten the story just a bit.  But hopefully you will get a good idea of how cool and fun this book is. 


  1. Congratulations on your book! I love it! My boys are always asking me to draw them things and I am so embarrassed when they don't look anything like the animal! You're awesome! xo Samantha

  2. Thanks Samantha..this is a great book all you animals will look like they are supposed to. LOL