Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Art Camp

This painting is by a five year old. 

I love the expressive paintings of children.

This painting is by a six year old.

 These painting were completed by the students at the Walker Museum art camp.  
They are really awesome!  This is the alligator from my book 
A is for Alligator Draw and Tell Stories from A to Z.
The students draw with me and then I demonstrate how I would paint the painting.  After that I let the students go at it.  My goal as a teacher in a summer camp is for the student to explore how it feels to paint, the colors they like, and even when how it feels when things get out of control.  I am there just to be damage control.  When a student doesn't like how something is going, I step in and offer solutions for them to try.  This is a fun, no stress painting class. 

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