Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello Everyone, 
It has been August since I posted so I thought I better give everyone an idea as to why.  
I have been traveling alot... and in October had the opportunity to go to Europe with my husband and daughter.  What a wonderful trip.  We really enjoyed ourselves despite the trials of public transportation. ha ha.  
We landed in Paris and spent a couple of days there, then by night train (something to really think about) we went to Rome.  I liked Rome, it was a bustling city, warmer and brighter.  We saw so many things, but one of my favorite was St. Peter's Basilica. 
 After a couple of days in Rome we took a train(by day this time...much better) to Florence.  Ahhh!  I fell in love with Florence.  It was smaller and just so much fun.  After a few days of shopping, eating Italian food, and watching people we headed back to Paris on one of those dreaded night trains. 
 We spent the last day in Paris...which happened to be my birthday...then came home. 
 So the unforgettable things about Europe is the art and architecture.  So amazing!
  In Italy I found great shoes( I already have a thing for shoes). 
 I enjoyed the food, but I live in the deep south and I don't think anywhere in the world can create  food like ours.  Southern and Cajun people just know how to do things with spices that others do not. Overall it was a great experience.  I loved watching other people go about their lives, seeing the similarities and differences.  

Yes, This is the Mona Lisa...I am not a huge fan of the painting, but if you go to the Louvre, you have to see the most famous painting in the world.

A beautiful sculpture in the Louvre.

(My favorite museum was the D'Orsay, but no picture taking.  So I have none to show.  I do have to say that Van Gogh uses the most beautiful blue I have ever seen, and blue is not one of my favorite colors.)

 St Peters Basilica...so amazing

 A hall in the Vatican Museum that leads to the Sistine Chapel

 The Sistine Chapel...very cool.
Street artist in Florence.  They had several groups, really lovely.

So that is a tiny tiny portion of the pictures I took.  I think I took over 1000. LOL 

I will be getting back into my routine and posting the things I am doing, teaching, and working on.

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