Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Alley Shadows

That is the name of the painting above.  I create these paintings using fluid acrylics in a very traditional watercolor method.  I enjoy how it's a very abstract process.  

I haven't painted much on canvas lately.  I am happy to say I have been teaching a LOT and working on another book.  I have also been busy re-vamping my website and blog so they flow together better. 

 Blog....that is actually what I want to post about today. I enjoy reading and following blogs about design and being creative.  This blog started out showcasing my illustrations.  Then six books came along and I got a website www.maritagentry.com.  I then changed it to "in the studio".  But in reality I want to blog about ALL the creative things I do.  So once more I am changing.  Now I will blog about the studio, the classroom, my home, my garden and  all the things I do that make my life fun and creative.  Oh...I have hardships too, but this blog is about the things I enjoy.  

I hope you enjoy the painting above.  I am ready to get back in the studio and work on paintings.

Happy creating.  

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