Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chairs Chairs...Everywhere

Chairs, chairs, chairs.
I am taking a class that I am enjoying tremendously.  It is a art licensing class taught by art agent Lilla Rogers.  In one of the assignments we were to create a collage with bits and pieces found about our studios.  We were assigned colors.  My colors were blue and yellow.  I had a very hard time finding bits and pieces.  I realized that I didn't really collect things and that I didn't like clutter.  So I thought a lot about this and finished the assignment. 

 Next assignment.....gather our collections.  
This made me laugh as just the week before I realized I really was  NOT the hoarder type.  So what was my collections?  I listed them and I realized I love chairs.  Big Smile!! In fact I am always wanting to buy chairs... but that no clutter part of my personality is really the boss.  So I just covet chairs.  I look at them in magazines, put them on my pinterest boards, and put as many as my no clutter brain can take in my homes.  
For the assignment I drew a lot of my chairs.  All the chairs you see below, I own.  The recliner in the top left just below I don't really claim, because I am not a huge fan of large lumpy is for my sweet husband.

I also love to re-do chairs.  And believe it or not this week when I was drawing chairs I actually had planned to re-do two of my chairs.  So I thought I would share. The chair below is a desk chair in our stone cottage in Mountain View, Ark. My husband wanted the cottage to have a cabin feel to it.  I still used all my bright colors, but I tried to give him that cabin feeling.   I covered this chair in a yellow, orange, gray and aqua chevron.  Love Love Love the result.  

The chair below has had many lives.  It started out white antique wicker with a rose and purple flower cushion.  I had it in my bedroom in Louisiana for years.  Then I found another chair for that room and this lovely chair was stored.  Ahhh... but when I needed a chair for Mountain View I remembered my favorite.  I painted the chair a very light sage/lime green and then rubbed it down so that it looked distressed.  Then I searched all over till I found this fabric.  It is Heather Bailey's Pop Garden fabric.  Love it!  Wala...this chair is soooo Cute!

Below is the bedroom it is in.  Remember we are going for the bright lodge cabin look.  I particularly love the rug.  My mom crocheted that rug when I was a child and it was in my childhood living room.  Recently I asked her for it and thought it was a wonderful addition to this room.  The painting over the bed is of course one of mine.  

I am sure that my delight in chairs will continue.  I have plans for reupholstering one in my home in Louisiana...very soon.  I am thinking yellow chevron....hmmm or maybe orange.

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